In Putting Failure In Its Place, we talk about me and my sales career… as well as the stroke experience.  We came to understand that the skills I needed to be a successful sales guy were the same skills I needed to recover from the stroke.  In the presentation, we draw those parallels and help the audience understand that their sales skills are really life skills.  We encourage them to learn them well because they will need to apply their skills in other parts of their lives.  We take them through an exercise in goal setting, learning, accountability and self-discipline.  When our 40 minutes are over, each person leaves with the beginning of a plan for himself or herself.


In My Brain Has A Hole In It, we take the audience through the whole stroke experience and try to inspire each person to face their own challenges and see that there is still life, love, and happiness to be found on the other side.  It may not look the same as it did, but there is still joy and meaning to be had.